Furry Friends

Furry Friends

I have these two cats, Brie and Tess, who've been with me since they were kittens back in 2008. They're getting on in years now, so they've slowed down a bit, but they've still got some spunk in them. Right now, Tess is curled up sleeping next to me, and Brie just hopped off my desk. They're such sweet and friendly kitties.

My mornings start early, around 6 AM, which is when I feed Brie her absolute favorite thing - a spoonful of canned cat food. She goes nuts for it. As soon as she sees that can, she's up on her hind legs, doing this little dance before dropping back down on all fours. It's seriously the cutest thing ever. I always thought it was just a Brie thing, since Tess never showed any interest in the canned stuff, just her dry food. But a few weeks ago, something changed. I opened a can and put it down next to her dish, and Tess just went for it and gobbled it up. She doesn't need it, but now she seems to like it too.

It's funny how things change, even with cats.

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